Azure Management Cmdlets

Streamline your Microsoft Azure workflow with PowerShell

Automate much of the functionality available in our client applications on the Command Line with PowerShell.

  • Includes over 150 powerful cmdlets to bootstrap your Microsoft Azure automation and workflow
  • Cmdlets for everything from storage to diagnostics to service management
  • The cmdlets can be used to back up blob containers, tables and azure SQL databases

Script repetitive tasks without writing lots of PowerShell

The Azure Management Cmdlets let you automate much of the functionality available in our flagship tool, Azure Management Studio, from the command line using our PowerShell cmdlets.

Microsoft Azure PowerShell

Automate tedious work

  • Back up Microsoft Azure blob containers
  • Back up Microsoft Azure tables
  • Back up your Microsoft Azure SQL databases
  • Transfer data between storage accounts

Don't reinvent the wheel

Thousands of developers, IT Pros and DevOps use the Azure Management Cmdlets in interesting ways to save time.

Over 150 easy to use PowerShell cmdlets

The cmdlets are well documented and have been tested extensively. See a list of all the included cmdlets.

Microsoft Azure PowerShell
Microsoft Azure PowerShell

Send alerts based on your deployment status

Learn how the Azure Management Cmdlets were used to send SMS notifications based on application status events. Read the Code Project article.

Bootstrap your continous integration process

Learn how the Azure Management Cmdlets help put together a continous integration process. Read the MSDN article.

Microsoft Azure PowerShell

"I seriously love Cerebrata's PowerShell Cmdlets. Filling in the gaps the official platforms have left."

Michael Collier, Microsoft Azure MVP

And if you're really serious about Microsoft Azure...

If you are at the point where you have production applications running in Microsoft Azure then you may find Azure Management Studio a better choice. It combines the functionality of all our standalone tools into a single package.

Azure Management Studio
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