Azure Cloud Service

Azure Cloud Service is one of the stateless PaaS services offered by Azure. Azure Cloud Service is supported in our Azure Management Studio product.



Azure Cloud Service is one of the stateless Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offered by Microsoft Azure. It includes Web/Worker roles to run your web applications and background jobs in a stateless environment. Using Azure Management Studio, you can connect to your Azure Cloud Services and manage them from the convenience of your desktop.

With features like managing cloud service deployments, certificates, roles and diagnostics, you don't have to look beyond Azure Management Studio to manage cloud services in your Azure Subscription.



Cloud Services (Web/Worker Role)

  • List: List cloud services in an Azure Subscription.
  • Create: Create cloud service in an Azure Subscription.
  • Edit: Change cloud service properties.
  • Delete: Delete one or more cloud services from your Azure Subscription.

Cloud Service Certificates

  • List: List certificates associated with a cloud service.
  • Upload: Upload new certificate in a cloud service.
  • Delete: Delete one or more certificates from a cloud service.


  • Create: Create new deployment in either production or staging slot.
  • Swap: Swap production and staging slots with a single click.
  • Start: Start a stopped cloud service deployment.
  • Stop: Stop a running cloud service deployment.
  • Delete: Delete a cloud service deployment.
  • Properties: View properties of a cloud service deployment.
  • Change Configuration: Change configuration of a cloud service deployment.
  • Upgrade: Upgrade a cloud service deployment by providing new package and configuration file. Supports both automatic and manual upgrades.
  • Copy Package: Copy deployment package files to blob storage.

Roles & Role Instances

  • Properties: View role instance properties.
  • Upgrade: Upgrade one or more roles.
  • Scale: Change role instances count.
  • Reboot: Reboot a role instance.
  • Reimage: Reimage a role instance.
  • Connect: Connect to a role instance using Remote Desktop Connection (RDP).

Cloud Service Diagnostics

  • Log Types: View and manage performance counters, trace, event, infrastructure, IIS, failed requests and crash dump logs.
  • View: View both live and historical diagnostics data.
  • Download: Download logs data for further analysis.
  • Purge: Purge logs data from your Azure Storage accounts.
  • Filter: Filter logs data by type, source and date/time range.