Azure Cloud Service

Azure Cloud Service - Features Overview

Cloud Service Accounts

  • List classic cloud services in your Azure Subscription.
  • Open Azure portal from within the application to manage cloud services.

Cloud Service Deployments

  • List cloud service deployments.
  • Stop a running cloud service deployment.
  • Start a stopped cloud service deployment.
  • Change deployment configuration.
  • Delete a deployment.
  • Perform a VIP swap on deployments.
  • Save deployment package (cspkg and cscfg) files in a storage account.
  • View deployment information.
  • View diagnostics data collected by a running deployment. For more information on Cloud Service Diagnostics features, click here.

Cloud Service Roles

  • List roles (Web Role/Worker Role) in a deployment.
  • Update instances count for a role in a deployment.
  • View role information.

Cloud Service Role Instances

  • List role instances for a role in a deployment.
  • Reboot a role instance.
  • Reimage a role instance.
  • Rebuild a role instance.
  • Delete a role instance.
  • View role instance information.
  • Connect to a role instance via RDP.

Cloud Service Service Certificates

  • List service certificates associated with a cloud service.
  • Add new service certificate to a cloud service.
  • Delete a service certificate from a cloud service.
  • View certificate information.
  • Download certificate.